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Owner, Joseph Meuse, featured in The Top 100 People in Finance Magazine

October 13, 2022

As someone who’s been self-employed for over three decades, Joseph Meuse knows the ins and outs of staying in business. At just 19 years old, he started his very first venture selling technology and computer products to the United States government. Thereafter, he went on to become an investment banker who helped other companies raise money and grow. After independently navigating the 2008 crash, Joseph recognized a clear void in the industry. “There were plenty of books out there, but at the time, there really wasn’t anyone out there telling business owners how to fix their problems, no one helping people with the tools they need to get out of a jam, and stay out of a jam,” he states. As a result, the idea for Business GPS was born. Joseph initially launched the company in 2011 as a means to help companies get out of and stay out of bankruptcy. It’s since evolved to include additional services, including debt restructuring, accounting, bookkeeping, staffing analysis, and business coaching. The firm’s expanded offerings also include helping to settle lawsuits and obtain working...